Galaxy S7 Glass Repair Front Screen

Galaxy S7 Glass Repair Front ScreenGalaxy S7 Glass Repair Front Screen

Galaxy S7 Glass Repair Front Screen

Samsung Galaxy S7: th broken glass repair is like impossible without causing more damage on device

Smartphone dismantling experts have found it impossible to replace the “S7 glass facade” of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 board without destroying the screen. The design of the phone means the repair is difficult and very expensive.

iFixit engineers have given the “Galaxy S7” a “repairability” vote of only three in ten, which means that damaged phones are disposed of or are likely to be removed and replaced rather than repaired. In addition, the USB port is not possible to remove and replace without probable destroy the screen.

“Galaxy S7 glass repair” – After the Galaxy S7, which went on sale March 11, introduced the site: “The display must be removed – and probably destroyed – if you want to replace the USB port as a the front and rear for double resistance to fragility glass coated. glue on the rear window, it is very difficult to obtain entry into the unit.

“The exchange glass without destroying the display is probably impossible”

The Galaxy-S7 has a price without subscription of £ 569, while the Galaxy S7 Edge, a larger, costs with curved screen, Samsung £ 639th

It is not only a bad MESSAGES but iFixit noted that the internal components Galaxy S7 are modular and can be removed and replaced from the motherboard easily. “Galaxy S7 repair” – The antenna, speakers and wireless charging coil are adaptable to the circuit the phone to connect to the spring connector instead of welding or adhesive. However, it melts through the glue that holds the phone and at this stage it is still very difficult.

An advantage of the Galaxy S6 is that the battery of the S7 without first removing the motherboard can be changed. However, it makes the glue on the battery is still very difficult.

The Galaxy-S7 is not alone here. “Galaxy S7 repair windshield” – As smartphones to improve aesthetically, they are always much more difficult to open and repair, particularly because of their business together, rather than screwed stuck. It is a pity, easy broken parts like front and rear glass, most often not afford to buy a new phone.

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