Galaxy S7 proposes iPhone with record figures

Samsung Galaxy S7 new editionSamsung Galaxy S7 new edition

Galaxy S7 proposes iPhone with record figures – Samsung makes it cheaper

The “Galaxy S7” is getting ready to break records. Benchmark tests attest to the processors in future Samsung’s flagship peak values that are currently unmatched by any other smartphone. Good news also for price-conscious buyers: The S7 will be cheaper than the S6.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S7 in spring 2016th A fixed date is still pending, but traditionally the Koreans choose the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​which takes place this year from 22 to 25 February, when the stage for its new top model. Indeed, there is already evidence of a presentation just before the show. Also the equipment of the S7 there are already numerous indications. Rumours are also evidence of a fall in prices: The Galaxy S7 should be ten percent cheaper to launch than the S6.


Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7

Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7


In the previous generation of devices focused on aesthetic innovations: With the Galaxy S6, the manufacturer first adopted by the much-criticized plastic housing of its flagships and put the smartphone in an elegant dress made of glass and metal, which also liked Samsung critics. And with the bent edge display put the Koreans nor an optical exclamation marks.

When Galaxy S7, which will also appear in an Edge-variant, technical progress could stand in the foreground again more. The design is intended as “Korea Times” reported, remain virtually unchanged compared to its predecessor. Already in October put the touchscreen manufacturer Synaptics before a screen, which can similarly recognize and process different pressure levels as with Apple’s 3D Touch. The technology is called Synaptics “Clear Force”, it supports similar functionality to Apple’s 3D touch, “Side Touch” also allows scrolling and gestures to do on the side of the device. Experts predict that the Galaxy S7 will be equipped with a Clear Force display.


Better than Apple’s A9?

Currently two models are under discussion as potential processors. In first leaked results of Antutu benchmarks a Snapdragon had appeared 820 of Qualcomm. Samsung sat frequently in the past on Qualcomm’s chipsets, but he converted saddled entirely for Galaxy S6 on an Exynos processor from own production. The Snapdragon is in an exclusive version for Samsung overclock loud “Tech Grapple” with 2.2 gigahertz and outdo the Geekbench test Apple’s A9. To avoid overheating, Samsung is looking for a supplier for allegedly currently heatsink in mobile devices has to offer.

In the databases of GFXBench and Geekbench results of the supposed S7 also have surfaced with a Samsung processor on board. The Exynos 8890 achieved in all benchmark tests record levels and surpassed every other recent mobile processor. Which chip is used in the final S7, is unclear – conceivable, however, that Samsung, as in the past using both processors and depending on the region delivers different variants. Already in October wrote the Korean industry magazine “etnews” that Samsung will put in the United States and China on the Snapdragon 820th

Allegedly also stuck 4 gigabytes of memory in the S7. The display is projected Antutu the benchmark measure 5.7 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels have – the resolution would remain unchanged compared to S6, the large display, however, indicates that it is the device under test to the S7 Edge is – according to “” comes the Edge with 5.7-inch screen, while the S7 is said to have a 5.2-inch display. It is also conceivable that an even larger Edge Plus variant appears as the S6.


USB C and better camera

Whether Snapdragon or Exynos, in all variants of the S7 is to be used a USB-C port. The claims to have learned “SamMobile” from a reliable source. In addition, the S7 will again have a SD card slot that allows the internal memory can be expanded. A new camera sensor will provide better pictures in low light with up to 16 megapixels. The Briton Cell sensor was introduced in November 2015 he replaced the Isocell sensor which celebrated S5 premiere in Galaxy. The sensor with 1.12 micron pixels to as “SamMobile” reported to be 17 percent flat compared to its predecessor and offer a greater level of detail and faster autofocus.

When selling price Samsung could force for moderation themselves: According to a report in the “Times of India” the starting price of the Galaxy S7 is about ten percent lower than in the S6. Background for the price downward adjustment is likely to be the strong competition that offers technically similar potent devices to partly significantly lower prices and it makes Samsung increasingly difficult to compete in the market. Manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi, but also Huawei Motorola or sell their flagships at lower prices, the sales of the Galaxy S6 had fallen short of expectations. The S6 cost in the 32-gigabyte version 699 Euro, currently it is already for around 480 euros. The S7 could so go for about 530 euros in the sale – on the open market these prices fall mostly relatively fast yet clear.

The presentation of the Galaxy S7 suspected “SamMobile” on February 21, one day before the official start of the MWC in Barcelona. The portal refers to a “trusted tipster” who had published a picture of the supposed invitation to the event on Twitter.

“Galaxy S7 proposes iPhone” with record figures


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