Galaxy S7 Release Date


Galaxy S7 Release Date

Galaxy S7 Release – With the new Samsung Galaxy S7 the usual South Korean manufacturer Samsung Galaxy S7 is in high probability in the first quarter of 2016 the unit Galaxy S7 publish its Galaxy S series. We believe all the rumors together can assume new high-end device.

Galaxy S7 Release Date – Samsung Galaxy S7 will make as his predecessors as S6 no step backwards in terms of performance. Other hardware manufacturers by the South Korean group is no matter how the top Smartphone imagine. Something of the Samsung Group has never produced before. Although the release of the “Galaxy S7 Release” will still be long in coming, there is the Galaxy smartphone S7 been plenty of rumors. These are brought either by sighted components or projects in small results or insiders of the art press. Although the indications are not fixed yet, but show what direction it could go. Click here about Galaxy S7…


Galaxy S7 Black

Galaxy S7 Black ?


Surprised Samsung Galaxy S7 with early release date? Appears the Galaxy S7 in January?

Galaxy S7 Release – The Galaxy S7 will likely have an older release date than previous devices. Other rumors about the appearance in January or a release in February are not new. The original source of Kore and the ETNews report not just on a specific publication date. Mobile pages want from the text but read out the alleged conception date of the Galaxy S7. And they call ahead 19 January as a brilliant day of the year for Samsung and Galaxy S7 Release. For us it is important to know which should be at least so far as the issue in January.

Galaxy S7 Release – A reader who understands the Koreans themselves, thinks that the only ETNews report of January as representation period. but does not specify the date. The so-called 19th day of the month was just an idea. This fits well with the other earlier rumors, that the presentation of the Galaxy S7 Release late in January and the release is to take place early in February. Samsung would thus have the Galaxy S7 then before the Mobile World Congress in trade.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ?


Galaxy S7 Release – Samsung is the world’s most widely used mobile phone. therefore it should be up to date. They introduced the Samsung Galaxy S series, as we got to know the new smartphone. You have always had Galaxy S series technologies to withstand the demands of the changing trends. Galaxy S7 Release – This point was very important for the choice of the consumer. Statistics show that the Galaxy S series has sold 200 million units. This was published after the Samsung S5. You have a new Galaxy still s7 on the market, including the Galaxy S7 Edge Release are currently for sale.


19 January is a brilliant day !

Galaxy S7 Release – It is rumored Samsung Galaxy whether S7 300 in IMAX Xperia Z5 Sony are including the camera sensor in conversation. With these outstanding smartphone brands. the fresh design of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was called besides some new features into the new life.

Galaxy S7 Release – Samsung is still capable of a lot of work to do around the art to repeat. But on the new version S7 could be improved much more. Although we expect 2016 a new smartphone until the beginning of the year – Reported Samsung it will take. Galaxy S7 Release – As a rule, the new flagship will be announced in Barcelona in early March. Just as this year on Galaxy S6, we expect the Galaxy S7 in the coming year. According to rumors already started the development of the Galaxy has S7.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Bogen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bogen

There are en masse and very strong rumors that Samsung is their upcoming devices and the most desired smartphone Galaxy S7 Release unveiled on January 2016th You should be scratch-resistant and proof metal shell in four different colors to have his.


Galaxy Smartphone S7 with 8K

Galaxy S7 Release – When it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S7. We want to see the deviation from the usual species such as Galaxy S7. What we want now is something more innovative. Something that comes across its borders. Considering Samsung with the new Galaxy Smartphone S7 Release all brilliant technologies is therefore complied with the promise.

Galaxy S7 Release – The main difference is based again on the screen. If Samsung wants to shine, it needs a better screen than before. Jump from 4K to 8K, it would thus provide a razor sharp experience to lovers. Galaxy S7 Release – The other great thing is that is finally refined the iris-scan technology and the fingerprint scanner. The edges of the super-sharp screen will now correctly moved to the side of the phone.

Galaxy S7 Release Date


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