Galaxy S7 supposedly cheap

Galaxy S7 BlackGalaxy S7 Black

Galaxy S7 supposedly cheap: top model with dual SIM, LED-view Cover and live pictures

The Galaxy S7 simmers in the rumor mill currently on a low flame. After the main ingredients are mainly known to be made palatable with some rather unusual spices Samsung’s next flagship model the fans now.

Galaxy S7 with moving pictures

These include a new feature called Photo-Vivid Photo or Photo Timeless, which has some role models: HTC Zoe, Nokia Living Images Obereben Live pictures from Apple. As they may say, all of these features have the purpose to let act stills alive by embedding photos into short video sequences. These sequences will be saved as a GIF in this case and can share on social networks.

Apparently the feature the launch of the Galaxy S7 could not yet be completed, in this case Samsung would supply later it via a software update, it says. The latter would surprise us, because that would be a bit clumsy from PR point of view.


Galaxy S7 cheaper than its predecessor?

According to reports or speculations from Korea and China could aim for a Samsung Galaxy S6 against the lower introductory price for the Galaxy S7 – around 10 percent cheaper the phone is supposed to be. The Samsung blog SamMobile other hand there are other information, after which the introductory price will be back at 700 euros. The latter we consider more likely, though a slight price reduction can not be excluded.

Galaxy S7 with LED View Cover

With the Galaxy-S7 portfolio while also a case with slightly transparent front for the Galaxy 7 and S7 Edge will be. The phone can show such as the time on the screen that can be read on the protective cover – thanks to AMOLED screen, this feature is not too much at the expense of battery life. The Case is the Samsung LED Cover View. It should resemble the Clearview Cover of Galaxy S6.

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S7 probably before as part of the Mobile World Congress in late February. The release is to take place in March. Apparently, there will also be a version with a dual SIM slot. Such a model has emerged in an Indonesian certification body. That Samsung brings Galaxy S7 with two mobile card slots also in Germany to the market, however, we consider unlikely.

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