iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 – Top smartphones 2016

iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 - Top smartphones 2016iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 - Top smartphones 2016

iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 – Top smartphones 2016

Although summer is slow in coming: the smartphone Spring is hot. Thanks CES and Mobile World Congress expect plenty of new flagships. On the following models, we are already particularly tense.

Galaxy Galaxy S7 S7 & Edge: the return of the micro SD

This year, surprised and impressed with a comprehensive redesign of its Samsung Galaxy models. Visually, the successor will hardly be distinguished from its predecessors, such as the Wall Street Journal reports. By contrast, could own Force-touch technology and a new quick charge function to be used and be installed a microSD card slot. Retains the WSJ so right then Samsung might also obstruct a sensor which detects the unique pattern of blood vessels in the human retina in the eye and unlocked in this way the device.

Regular shows Samsung’s new Galaxy’s under the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. In previous reports, there was talk of an early launch. According to the WSJ, a sales launch in the US is scheduled for mid-March.

iPhone 7: without Home Button?

In September we expect the new generation iPhone. For meaningful Leaks of course it is far too early. Nevertheless, already a feature is under discussion. So Apple could reportedly waive the physical home button and its functionality completely, settle into the display, which has since iPhone 6s via 3D touch. In addition, the discontinuation of the jack plug is discussed in favor of headphones with Lightning compatibility. How is the next Apple smartphone will be visually different from its predecessors, is still unclear.

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