Samsung Galaxy S7 High Speed Processor

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Samsung Galaxy S7 High Speed Processor

Samsung Galaxy S7: How fast is the high-speed processor will be?

“Samsung Galaxy S7” processor – The coming in 2016 to market new Samsung Galaxy S7 makes now in advance of its release events again with very spectacular benchmark results fürSpannung the net. Samsung’s next-gen CPU Exynos 8890 is presumably coming into the European S7 version used processor. The Exynos 8890 is this time a new rank-best value in the test and crack the high 100,000 mark. But what does that mean?


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been tested with the Exynos 8890

Too much will be published very many tests in everyday life. This should not be interpreted in the current test results of synthetic benchmarks. Samsung Galaxy S7 processor – Well, it is a Samsung prototype tested device with the model number SM-G9300, which is to concern the new Samsung Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890 CPU. What is achieved with it? An impressive result with up to 103,692 points. Where the predecessor of Galaxy only came to just under 70,000 points. Here we see that the new Galaxy S7 more than just a flagship is. More about Exynos…


Samsung S7 Exynos8

Samsung S7 Exynos8


The Samsung Galaxy S7 in Benchmark: result relevance in everyday life

These results and figures the anticipation of fans increases must be realistically and compared, since it can reduce not only makes the joy and hope but also the request of the current existing in the market offers. Samsung “Galaxy S7 processor” – So you should before the Galaxy S7 appear with very strong computing power on the market concerned Ran go. The Group Samsung may have tested a prototype on maximum mileage here. So might have been neglected here the battery life and heat generation for the time being.

These tests are especially like any other tests that are published on the net. Benchmark for the Everyday Practice performance is hardly suitable. “Samsung Galaxy S7 processor” – Because despite the high performance tests in the Galaxy smartphone S7 can in everyday life – in poor optimization of UI – still measure error or the like occurring when scrolling and wiping. Besides the unquestionable and extremely powerful CPU, which delivers outstanding performance better than its predecessor, everything is in the green zone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 processor – the Exynos 8890 is used for the first time the seblst designed ARM architecture processor core called Mongoose. This is similar to Qualcomm with its core as in previous Snapdragon processors. Apparently the development of Krait Hunter has paid.

Galaxy S6 it is now an attractive smartphone with price level for the introduction of its very high price and price comparison must now be to have from 460 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S7 High Speed Processor


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