Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory Expansion

Samsung Galaxy S7 MemorySamsung Galaxy S7 with Memory ?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory Expansion

The Samsung Galaxy lovers are very well remember the Samsung, which presented its new top smartphones like Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge without removable battery and no memory card slot in the spring of 2015th That was not expected by lovers, thus the disappointment was very great. The upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 and / or Galaxy S7Edge of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung is back get a popular feature – namely, expandable memory, the MicroSD slot.


Micro SD with the Galaxy S7 as its predecessor?

Because of the lack of possibility for memory expansion with microSD cards or other S6Edge at the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy models, had the South Korean company Samsung strongly criticized. Especially the one that concept as similar to the iPhone created was not to be expected. Because the Samsung Galaxy smartphones had conquered with its uniqueness the hearts of users. Because of the whole restructuring had to pay a lot more money for the smartphone, as for a conventional microSD card users. Predictably, therefore, which ensured it substantial discontent among fans. These can breathe again now but. Because the Galaxy S7 is to stand back a built-in MicroSD slot available. And the best part is that it features an extension of the storage space. With this response, the company may act on the last review. More about Galaxy S7 Release Date…

Important information about the comeback of the important features, yielded mainly the Italian tech blog and EncoWeb. This should have come on specifications in which the expandable slot is listed. Not only the blog lets hopeful look up, but also the hot new operating system Android 6.0. In its latest version, it has an excellent feature that allows multiple physical storage media such as memory devices and Micro SD are combined into one logical drive. This means that users do not have to make more thought and effort if the current application must be stored on external or internal memory. A new software will take care from now on it. As this software is, at the moment there is still a secret.


Samsung Galaxy S7 SD

Samsung Galaxy S7 with SD ?


Why now but the return to the old memory model?

The decision at the Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6Edge models omit the MicroSD slot, had been an economic consideration especially. The utter lunacy turn is because the memory is tiny and thus nature would hurt the least. Him have been given unnecessarily the name “micro”. Well, probably speculated Samsung to be able to sell as many smartphones with more built-in memory. They wanted to sell a lot, so similar to that of Apple. As a conclusion, the prices for more integrated flash capacity are higher risen than expected. Even higher than for an equal amount of MicroSD card. Whether the concept has paid off, can not check, since Samsung does not publish detailed sales by model versions. Effects of differences should ultimately not have been too great. In coarse and whole Samsung is now back on a greater number of satisfied MicroSD fans. More about Galaxy S7 Specifications…

What remains the same is for lovers, that there is no replaceable battery. Samsung would have to return with his new model Galaxy S7 back to plastic. But you do not want to say goodbye to the chic glass enclosure itself, therefore, the more consistent thinks EncoWeb. The South Korean manufacturer wants to equip it more robust and valent with a magnesium alloy its new flagship now.

This information usually based on rumors. What is true, is seen in the appearance of Galaxy S7 next year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory Expansion


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