Samsung Galaxy S7 problems ?


Samsung Galaxy S7 with problems !? [rumor]

Galaxy Qualcomm – Qualcomm’s heat problems seem to have taken no end to the Snapdragon 820: According to one report, Samsung Galaxy strives at S7 is currently a question of finding a solution to excessive heat. Galaxy Qualcomm – At the same time the new Exynos 8890 reached the South Korean market and will start mass production. Galaxy Qualcomm – Which processor, the South Koreans will do the upcoming flagship?

Galaxy Qualcomm – The Snapdragon 820 in Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to cause problems: Galaxy Qualcomm – According to a report by Business Korea, according to the South Korean smartphone maker has struggled to keep the temperature trends of the new processor in the Samsung Galaxy S7 in an acceptable framework and considering as a countermeasure, Galaxy Qualcomm – the integration of a heat pipe to hold the smartphone cool. Galaxy Qualcomm – Set on a different processor Samsung According to Business Korea although in no case, Galaxy Qualcomm – at the same time diving elsewhere but on reports according to which in-house Exynos 8890 also already ready for mass production. Galaxy Qualcomm – When Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge had been omitted due to the heat problems of the Snapdragon 810 on a Qualcomm processor and set to the Exynos 7420 from our own production. Galaxy Qualcomm – It seems actually quite obvious that Samsung will proceed similarly in occurring defects of the Snapdragon 820th

Galaxy Qualcomm – The debacle at the Snapdragon 810 has the chip developer Qualcomm along with the rise of competitors such as MediaTek anything but well done: cuts in expenditure and a dismissal of employees have already been announced by Qualcomm. Galaxy Qualcomm – Should the status soon as the first point of high-end processors can not recover with the Snapdragon 820, the economic problems of the Americans could be even greater.

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