Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications

Snapdragon Experience Galaxy S7Snapdragon Experience Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S7: Specifications – Special S7 – Version for South Korea

According to an anonymous observer in the Chinese Web, it is a very special version of the Exynos 8890 have been produced, this probably has very more graphics performance than the standard version. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – Processor of Exynos 8890 now comes with a 12-polynuclear Mali T880 GPU au f the market. But the modern advanced Exynos chip should bring with 14 GPU cores a very good performance. Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – This is to be prepared for a very exclusive version The Exynos is only available in South Korea. It should be equipped with a 4K camera and a dual-lens module from the Grand giant Sony. “Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications” – How much of these rumors is tuned, we will especially see in the coming months. More about Galaxy S7…



In the current top smartphones approximately 3 GB RAM are installed. Now, new 12 GB LPDDR4 chips 6-GB devices are made possible with four of Samsung “Galaxy S7 Specifications”. Through this process, the space requirement considerably halved. Because there are only two of the DRAM chips are sufficient. With the mass production of 12 GB LPDDR4 chips started a long time ago. Because of the start of production, it is very possible that the Samsung Galaxy S7 benefits from of 6GB of RAM.


Snapdragon Difference Galaxy S7

Snapdragon Difference Galaxy S7


But report from South Korea, the Exynos 8890 processor, which go to an anonymous source EncoWebs later in December in mass production. So the South Koreans were on top of everything and to see a Samsung Galaxy S7 specification in spring 2016 on the market, is also realistic. To date, there are candidates who are to be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications. It is probably also different variants of the S7 is also assumed that the respective countries have the Exynos- and other Snapdragon 820 version. Problems with Snapdragon at Galaxy S7 …


S7 with touch force?

Samsung Galaxy specifications S7 – How was the companion S Huawei (for testing), and the new generation of the iPhone could be the next “Galaxy S7” smartphone from Samsung come with a pressure-sensitive screen – so 3D Touch. Recently, the Office KIPO Korean patents (Canadian Intellectual Property Korea), own 3D touch technology an application. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – The date of the request shows that the South Koreans are already planning since April 2014, a display technology to accommodate sensitive to the pressure in the new smartphones.


However, 3D-touch feature of South Koreans is in the way the display detects various shooting settings differently. When iPhone 6S and if Huawei Mate-S on the display corresponds to the compressive force. Thanks Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications patented technology detects the display as long as someone tapped on the finger by measuring the electrical screen potential. In short: The shorter you tap the screen, the less stress is generated. This concept, which actually occurs in the Galaxy S7, but of course, remains to be seen.


Force-Touch Galaxy S7

Force-Touch Galaxy S7


Samsung Galaxy S7: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – earlier this week reported PhoneArena that the South Koreans welcome benevolence camera lens of Z5 Galaxy S7. So Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently in talks with Japanese competitors. Previously had been rumored by a 16-MP or 20 MP camera, but it could be that Samsung Galaxy S7 is already proven on the technology, rather than take advantage of the new hardware based own house. Thus, the IMX300 sensor in the “Samsung Galaxy S7” that integrates fought in the test DxOMark up is, and is even higher than the Samsung Galaxy S6 board.

But could can also lead to the camera to double track Samsung as the processors for the Galaxy S7. We Sehner on Weibo leaker has information that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is received have a 12-megapixel sensor. Instead Megapixel Samsung, similar to Google Nexus 5X and 6P, attached to a larger sensor, which provides a lower resolution. The larger sensor surface with a lower resolution, would be the individual pixels bigger, and could capture more light. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – The result is superior images and better results especially low light conditions.


12-megapixel sensor

The 12-megapixel sensor can 1/2 inches tall, and take pictures with 12 megapixels. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – The pixel size would 1,3μm. In comparison, the resolution with 12-megapixel sensor and 5X 6P Nexus with 1 / 2.3 inch slightly larger, and it is going with a pixel size of 1.4 microns. Latest Development of Sensor Samsung Galaxy S7 has large over a 20-megapixel sensor 1 / 2.6 inch and a single pixel measuring 1.0 micrometers.


Like I said Samsung Galaxy S7 doubled round to the camera for the Galaxy S7. Even if Galaxy S6, S6 and S6 EDGE EDGE + different sensors used. Some versions are with the house and other ISOCELL sensor with a Sony IMX240, only that these two sensors were very similar to that of the resolution, sensor size and pixel size.

Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – Thanks to the new 28nm process, the sensor will also consume less power and significantly thinner than the current in the lighthouse. Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – In comparison, the 16-megapixel camera sensor S6 is manufactured with 65 nm technology. The new chip also offers a new ARM-color model, increased the light sensitivity and reduces the image noise in low light conditions. The new chip is so small and still works more power efficient to build the ideal conditions for the “Samsung S7” even thinner than its predecessor.



Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – When the USB ports Samsung has sometimes innovative. The Galaxy S5, for example, was one of the first smartphones that shipped with a USB 3.0 port. Unfortunately, Samsung with the Galaxy S6, S6 and S6 EDGE EDGE + later moved back this step and sets, as almost all other producers to microUSB 2.0. Meanwhile, however, an increasing number of smartphones seem equipped with a USB type-C. Advantage: it does not matter which returns the cable is connected. Nexus and Nexus have 5X 6P this regard as well as the OnePlus. 2


USB3.0 Galaxy S7

USB3.0 Galaxy S7


Now wants a Mobile have experienced website that the next Galaxy S7 reliable sources Samsung S7 is equipped with USB Type C According to the sources, is the C-type connector USB 3.0 support, and you can be charged more quickly and a transfer rate of data higher. The USB Type C is not always associated with USB 3.0, which has proven OnePlus 2, because the connector supports only the slower USB 2.0 standard.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Variants

Even with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 made a change in the product. Instead of a single variant offered Samsung Galaxy S6 for sale starting in two versions, the Galaxy S6 and S6 normal Galaxy border with Double-Edge display. Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – Later, Samsung and pushed for even the 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 + pension in Europe, where the S6 series currently consists of three variants.

More about Galaxy S7 Release Date

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As successor, the Galaxy S7 Samsung will continue to offer a version with normal display, map. This is according to a report of SamsungViet Vietnamese blogs have a screen size of 5.2 inches. There is also a 5.8-inch edge variant. Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications – A small variation Edge 5.2 inches should no longer exist, according to sources. This would mean that Samsung only two models, the 5.2-inch wide and 5.8 inch Galaxy S7 good tip Galaxy Galaxy S7 S7 instead of three variants.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Display

Samsung is working hard on the successor to the Galaxy S 6, is known. It is also clear that the next version of Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with a dual-Edge Display. New rumors on Weibo, China’s largest microblogging service is to display on the sensitive technology to have the pressure of Synaptics.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – The company from San Jose, recently announced that to bring them, its own technologies contact force at the end of the year will force called Clear for smartphones on the market. Moreover Synaptics announced they are working with major OEMs smartphones first to predict the beginning of the year 2016.

Clear Synaptics technology power plant similar to 3D Touch from Apple. So you can push with some force to the display, triggered various functions. Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications – For example, the speed of scrolling, zooming of images and in the play mode. Synaptics demonstrates some of the features already in a video on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications



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